Wood Salvage

wood3What makes Windbreak Farm Wood Works different from other wood shops? We like to think our competitive advantage is our commitment to the environment – and to you, our customer. Whether we’re logging for firewood or salvaging timber for re-use, at Windbreak Farm Wood Works we are always thinking about how Mother Nature will recover from our actions, and how you can best use the wood we are taking.

Logging companies typically leave those parts of the tree that cannot be processed on the forest floor. Unusable trees, damaged trees and all of the tree tops are left behind, impeding new growth. We systematically clean up all of these leftovers when we log and only cut the dead, fallen, diseased and overcrowded trees, keeping Ontario’s woodlots healthy. What’s more, we cut to length, based on our customer’s requirements.

Many of our products are made from century old beams and boards we have saved from barns and sheds slated for demolition throughout South Western Ontario. We’re not just saving trees; we’re providing customers like you with hand-crafted products made from antique woods that quite simply aren’t available anymore.

At Windbreak Farm Wood Works we love to make your vision a reality. Wood is a warm, renewable, natural raw material provided to us by nature which can be transformed into custom pieces that will take your breath away. Let us design and build something unique for you.