Things to do in Stratford, Ontario

Places to Stay near Stratford, Ontario

Windbreak Farm Bed and Breakfast is a short 20 minute drive from Stratford, ON.

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

Stratford is best known as the home of the famous Straford Festival:
Five theaters offer both classic and contemporary:  Musicals, Tragedies, Love Stories, Comedies

All feature unmatched talent for your enjoyment.

We are happy to accommodate guests attending the festival by altering the check-in and check-out times if we are able.

Places to Eat in Stratford, ON

If you love food, once the hearty breakfast consumed at Windbreak Farm B&B has digested, fine dining is in no short supply where Stratford is concerned.  Professional culinary chefs create magical dishes at many of the fine restaurants located within the city.

Festivals and Events

Stratford Kiwanis Garlic Festival

The Chocolate Trail

The Maple Trail

The Bacon and Ale Trail

Take part in the annual Dragon Boat Festival


If you have an interest in history, Stratford has one of Canada’s most well preserved heritage districts right in the city center.  The 1887 Perth County Courthouse and the 1898 City Hall Building are two of the most elegant examples of the 19th century Victorian architecture which can be enjoyed when joining in the popular Heritage Tours.

Nature Trails and Gardens

Beautiful does not even begin to describe the 115 acres of formal parkland and 60 some acres of natural area that Stratford has to offer.  You can:

Stroll in the Shakespearean Gardens

Walk with nature in the TJ Nolan Natural Area (8.5 kms)

Sit and enjoy the view of Lake Victoria from Upper Queen’s Park

Film the swans as they sail on the Avon River

Listen to the summer concerts played from the band shells along the Lake.

Hike, bike, walk the numerous trail systems:


For sports enthusiasts, there is plenty to look forward to:

Golf on two gorgeous courses:

Canoe, Kayak or Paddle Boat

Canoe, kayak or paddle boat on Lake Victoria

Swim in crystal clear pools

Coming back to stay at Windbreak Farm B&B after an exciting day in Stratford will give you the perfect ending to a perfect day!