Detailed Woodwork

  • Custom made sign
    Custom sign
  • Custom made “Anything Boxes"
  • Pizza peel
  • Detail of comode.
  • Detail of fireplace mantel.
  • Bread Box
  • Detail of window frame.
  • Custom Tote Boxes awarded as prizes
  • Flooring for rebuilt truck bed
  • Stand for an antique radiator
  • Custom handcrafted boat/canoe paddles made from ash and BC fir
  • Display stand
  • Antique fire hose nozzle on the stand
  • Display boards for fireman hats
  • Stand for an antique fire hose
  • Radiator display.
  • Handcrafted Game Box
  • Keepsake Box with Multiple Wood Species.
  • Glass collector’s display board
  • Custom designed Black Walnut counter tops
  • Custom designed Black Walnut counter tops
  • Custom designed Black Walnut counter tops
  • Custom designed Black Walnut counter tops
Detailed Woodwork

Here in our woodworking shop we are capable of replicating the intricate details of older “wooden house trim” both inside and outside.  We can remake parts for antique furniture that may be damaged or worn beyond repair.  If a need arises for more of a certain pattern while renovating or expanding in a home, we can usually generate a replica of the original.

Many times, someone is looking for a particular and unique type of “display” stand for keepsakes or antiques.  We can design the perfect wooden piece to partner with the article and show it off as it should be. 

Organizers like pencil trays, business card holders and custom made wooden boxes are all things that we are asked to make regularly in many different woods and in sizes small and large. 

Our versatile “tote box” was designed to be filled with : tools for the handyman, essentials for the gardener, grooming products for the equestrian, teas, coffees, wines, gourmet foods, or bath and spa products.  The list is endless, so be creative and put together a special gift for just about anyone on any occasion.