Wood Facts

stumpWood is a gift: a direct, genuine product of nature that undeniably attracts us. No matter how old the tree from which the wood is harvested, or how aged the lumber may be, wood is alive. Wood breathes, sometimes warping, cupping or splitting if not dried and stored correctly.trees

A competent woodsman knows instinctively how to read a tree. Where a tree grows tells a lot about how much tension will be in the wood, which can make it difficult to saw or split.

The exposure to prevailing winds will shape the grain in certain ways creating diversity of patterns. The amount of sunlight will determine straightness, strength and grain regularity. The moisture content is always a variable within the woods we use. Wood has a look, feel, and smell unique to its species. It comes in distinctly striking colors, patterns and shadings in all sorts of nuances. The warmth of wood is a physical reality in that wood always feels warm to the touch. This aura of warmth is suggestive of friendliness. We can all identify the refreshing smell of pine, while maple smells somewhat like malted milk, cherry is fragrant and floral, basswood rather sour and oak like fine red wine.

trees1Woods are constantly changing in their moods, much dependant on the surroundings. Unpredictable as it is, wood can split, break, bend, buckle and shrink. It can absorb and reflect sunlight in many different ways. Wood is amazing. It can impart fascination and admiration beyond your own imagination. Any item well designed and built from wood remains meaningful for generations.