Cutting Boards & Trays

Cutting Boards and Trays

Breadboards have been an essential part of every kitchen for centuries.  Here at Windbreak Farm Wood Works, we handcraft our boards using carefully selected hardwoods and a timeless tradition of construction.  Many of our servings trays are specially designed to be used as a cutting boards on the “back” side, making them both functional and decorative.  Most of the trays come with their own ceramic bowls as well.  Our customers may choose wood type, either new or reclaimed, size, shape and colour combinations which will create their own unique boards.  Once crafted, the boards are conditioned for use by oiling with a top quality Mineral or Nature-oil, guaranteed food safe and easy to care for.  Ask us about designing one of your own or choose from the large variety of boards that are already waiting to enhance someones home.