About Windbreak Woodworks

shopLocated in rural Perth County, Ontario, Windbreak Farm Wood Works is a family owned and operated business. We pride ourselves on hand crafted wood products and services that combine our respect for the environment with your vision of what could be. Our raw materials are sourced locally and our heirloom quality products shipped globally. We make everything from breadboards to bedroom sets here in our own workshop. At Windbreak Farm Wood Works we love to make our customer’s wood visions a reality.

After a thirty-one year career as a professional in the field of education, Bob Hutson was ready for a change. That change of direction and pace resulted in the creation of Windbreak Farm Wood Works. Well before officially opening for business, Bob studied the fine art of cabinet making at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Here, he honed his previous skills and learned to create wooden masterpieces.

The love of wood was not new to either Bob or his wife, Cathy. Woodworking skills were not a casual option for early settlers in rural Ontario. Hence, these skills were passed down from Father to Son over the decades in Bob’s family. The Hutson Grandfather’s homes, barns, and assorted outbuildings were constructed and furnished almost entirely by them. Woodworking and cutting firewood for heat was in their blood. It was the livelihood of these forefathers.

Cathy’s link and fondness of wood came from somewhat the same background. She was raised in a log cabin secluded in Northern Ontario. Her Father possessed a knowledge of the forest like none other. Over the years this was passed on to his daughter. The rural way of life was one of working together with nature as the bounty of the forest was carefully harvested and put to use for constructing cabins, tool sheds, boathouses, and, of course, firewood for cooking and heat. The cedar strip boats they used for the fishing camp on the French River were kept in good repair with her Dad’s old fashioned wood working skills. Any furnishings for the home were designed and then handcrafted from the lumber provided by nearby trees.

It seemed that with this ancestral backing, a wood working business of some sort should be in order. Along with the traditional methods of their forefathers, Bob and Cathy embraced the technology of modern times to create a business that is a blend of nostalgia and efficiency.

Since the year 2004, Windbreak Farm Wood Works has experienced a constant growth. With this has come the constant enjoyment of meeting and satisfying the customers who are as diversified as the woods we work with.

Craftsmanship. Environment stewardship. Customer service. That’s what Windbreak Farm Wood Works is all about.

We invite you to contact us or just drop by. There is nothing we like better than to talk wood with our customers.

It is our privilege to share in the work of forest conservation.